Hi there, I have some problems
that I really want them to be solved.

I am studying in New Zealand. At the beginning of this year, I met Mr.
A via my cousin. Actually he is my cousin's net friend. At the same
time, my ex-boyfriend went to south island to do

his uni. I was upset about
that so I went out with Mr. A.

I was just trying at the beginning. But as time goes by, I found that
I love him. He loves me very much as well. He even had a big fight with
my ex because my ex came back to Auckland for holidays and he said that
he still love me. I have a good time (with) Mr.A. He treats me like
a family. He even thought of living with me, leaving his parents and
his sis. I have a good time with his family as well, though they are
from the mid-east and we don't have the same religion. But last week,
he told me that he is going overseas for about six months because he
is suffering high pressure: he always has big fights with his family
and friends, and he found that medicine is not interested anymore though
he is doing his 5th year. What make things worse is that he said he
MAYBE won't come back.

I am really upset about that! He said the best thing we can do now is
to quit this relationship, just be good friends. He said he is going
to unkown (unknown)! If we are just good friends, what will happen in
6 months time won't hurt both of us!

I really want to ask him one thing is, did he ever thought of me before
he made such a decision? Is he that selfish?

Zita, he is flying off this Thursday. Before that, he wants another
good talk with me. What should I tell him? I really love him and I know
that he loves me so much. Is that real that there is no good ending
between western and eastern people?

Thank you for your time!


Dear Chloe︰