I don't know if I continue to
have this relationship or not.

When I have worked all day, very exhausted, I want to hear his voice
for comfort. However, he always says things harshly without mercy. When
I want to have a date with him, he will show up in very casual

clothing and taking me to Kentucky
and going to watch the movie he likes with me. When I wiped at night,
he just asked "What's wrong?" and going back to sleep. When
I just said I want to have chocolate (not really serious), he rushed
downstairs and bought me one but threw the chocolate to me and said
"Don't blame me for not buying this to you." and made me awful.
When I asked him if his colleague how to ask him for his favour in freelance
job, he was getting mad and asked me why I asked so much questions and
bother him.

He just wanted to have dinner with me after receiving extra money. When
I am walking down the street, I felt lonely because he liked to stay
home for TV and I just want somebody to be with me, shopping, anything
after a day's boring work. He dosen't call me for recent lives, but
saying goodnight for "Don't blame me for not doing this."
He won't plan for vacation or holidays. He doesn't appreciate what I

I have asked myself, "Do I love him still?" I don't know and
I still don't have the confidence to marry him even though I want to
get marry so much before 30. It's really horrible to have somebody really
can't taking good care of you, with tender and love.

I have been with this guy for 6 years. I don't know what to do if I
should continue to wait for him.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Best regards,



Dear Janet︰