I always read your articles,
but now, I really need help. Thx for helping. ?

In June, I worked in a company, and I knew a guy, he's very nice to
me. At the end of July, i went back to Canada (because I live in Canada),
but I still in touch on ICQ with that guy. ?

At first, we don't see
each other online much. So, I started forget about him, but about 2
weeks ago, he said hi to me on ICQ, then started to talk. And I found
that he likes me, because he told me about that. But I'm not sure is
it true. That's why I'm worry, because I like him…yes, I do.

I started go online everyday to see if he's online…and he asked me that
is there any chances for me and him. I said maybe, but, I really do
like him.

What should I do now? And does he really likes me?


Dear Jaco ︰