After I graduated from the U,
I worked for about a year at US, then went back to Hong Kong for vacation
for a month. It happened that I met this guy through friends at one
hang out night back in June this year. For some reasons, we were attracted
to each others, soon after, we started dating. A month later, vacation
was over, I needed to come back to US to work.

Although we don't have any commitment, I told him that I will eventually
move back to Hong Kong to find my career. The idea of moving back to
Hong Kong is not because of him, it's for good, and he knew it. Anyways,
it's almost two months now, since I've been back home, he calls me almost
everyday, and I email and write him letters every so often. Recently,
I've found myself not caring much if he calls or not, and I also have
a hunch that he's seeing someone else there in HK. Or I should have
said, he could have been lying to me at the very first place (saying
that he doesn't have a girlfriend), who knows?!

The reason why I don't really trust him is that the second day we've
met, he intended to have sex with me. Of course, I refused. During that
time, I thought this is not going to work out between us, but as days
flew by, he apologized and tried to prove to me that he really likes
me, not because of sex. I have to admit that he's attracted to me somehow
(he's not handsome though), it seems that I just can't forget what had
happened on the second day we've met. Moreover, I think I still can't
forget about my ex, which it has probably made things worse.

Zita, what should I do? I really want to try to work on this long-d
relationship. Do you think I should keep trying or just face the reality
to believe that I still miss my ex. and my long-d boyfriend just wants
me for sex?! Please advise. I appreciate your time and advise.

Pretty CoCo


Dear Pretty CoCo︰