My boyfriend dumped me recently
due to tire to be with me. The story started from Feb, we were on the
trip in China and we got arguments and then he left me alone in China.
Finally, I broke up with him. It's due to many reasons, like his personality
(we have got many arguments

before). But I would say he
loves me so much.

After we had broken up, he did many things to chase me back. Then we
went together again after a month. And this is when the problems happened.

We got worse to stay together again, actually no more fighting between
us, but in fact we kept all the problems in our hearts. Once he has
asked to talk with the problems within, but I refused. Because I was
afraid to face it, since my problem was "I'm not sure if I still
love this guy".

And now, he dumped me. He said he is too tired and want to take a rest.
He said he feels like alone in this half years, and he used to be alone.
When the time he dumped me, I realised that I still love him, but it's
too late. I have tried to keep him back, I have dated him, phoned him……
but it doesn't work at all. Now I can't turn back time, but I don't
want to lose him. Yesterday was his birthday, I've bought him a pair
of rings, they're rings of combination, the meaning behind is "joy
& peace". I haven't given the rings to him yet for he's quite
busy recently. Surely I want him could keep the gift well, but I don't
know. Also I don't know how will he react when he receives the rings.
And the most I want to know is "HOW TO KEEP US TOGETHER AGAIN".

Please, rich Zita, please tell me what should I do and how to keep us
together again.



Dear Snow︰