I am 27 and got married last
year. In June I changed to a new office and met my dream man. He is
36, single and with a girlfriend (not very close) as he had no plan
to marry her. We develop to become close friends, sharing every tiny
things. He accompany me to the lunch appointment with my friends. I

accompany him to visit his
father in the hospital. I trust that there is a special feeling between
us. Yet we are trying to suppress it and pretend to be nothing. I got
confused sometimes and I become very upset.

My relationship with my husband is good before I met him. I feel guilty
to my husband as he did nothing wrong and he needs me. Yet I am deeply
attracted by him and we have very close contact at work. I really like
him. How can I detect his real feeling? He always ask questions about
my husband and he just describe his girlfriend as "my friend".
How should I interpret all these?

Thank you for your patience for reading my letter. Please give me some
advice. Thanks!



Dear Ivy︰



其實,遇上了dream man又怎樣?無發展可能的話,不如就當得到一名傾得埋的好朋友。有感受的異性,很多時下場也只是如此。