Hi Zita,

I am (have) some problems with
my bf, and I think u may can give me some suggestions. Thx.

I meet my bf in the internet, he is from HK, and I am from Canada. I
have see him once b4 (before) I start going out with him. We start for
almost half year till now, in the last

four months, I back to HK and
I always stay with him. We do everythings other couple will do. Just
besides holding hands, he always don't want to hold my hand. Actually,
beside that he treat me not bad. be4 (Before), I always thinks our problems
is just I am fat, so he don't like it. If I keep fit for him, he will
love me more. Since that is the only thing he care so much (he told

I am really working on it. I am trying to be those kind of girls that
he likes. But just right after Canada, I find out that he have another
gf right after he start with me one day, and that girl is from China
to US. She is lot younger than us. Actually, I did know my bf like this
girl, but I did ask him to promise me not going to see her and call
her. But, he broke it. He did went to China to see her 2 days, and they
start to talk on the phone for more than 2 months.

In the mean time, I did feel something bad about them, so I keep asking
my bf about their relationship. But he lies to me, he said he already
not like her. I choose to trust him. because I think he is trustful.
Now, I am not sure do that girl know this, but I did ask my bf to choose
who he want to be with. But he said he don't want to hurt me or her,
cause both of us he still love. I told him if he give up that girl,
I will forgive him. But he told me he won't leave us, unless either
one of us leave him. I really don't know what to do. I can't stop thinking
of him, can't stop thinking when we together, can't stop thinking when
they together. I have try to say to myself to leave him, But I can't.
At least now, I know he is also feeling very bad now, he also don't
know what to do. Anyway, the last word about this "trouble"
that I say to him is "I will wait one more month for him to think
it clear, by that time i don't want him lie to me anymore. I can't share
my bf with other girl, so now I will pretend nothing happen. But after
a month he will need to choose either he want me or her."

I don't know will he choose, if that girl don't leave him. I worry about
by that time, he still saying he won't leave either of us.

Can you pls tell me what should I do, beside leaving him?

Do I still have any choice? Because I know he love me, and I love him.
Just in the same time, he also love another girl. I read one of the
article from u, you said "找到捨不得分開的人,是很難得的一回事。望你們不要輕易分手,要好好地相處。"
I think this is very truth, but, do u think will work for us? Thx for



Dear Yee︰




我建議你努力keep fit,脫胎換骨。你變得fit了,有其他男仔追了,你可能思想就會不一樣。