Hi there! I love reading your
column! I think I really need your advice, hope you can help me out.

I'm 19 and my boyfriend is 22. We've been dating for 1 year and before
me, he has a girlfriend who is 33. They lived together for 1 year and
he dumped her after he met me. This

woman, as he says, is suicidal.
She has divorced for once and after being dumped by my boyfriend, she
refused to eat and said she wanted to be a nun.

I've been doubtful for many months because I always saw her caller display
in his phone. Whenever I asked him, he would make up some excuses and
I usually believed. Now after my "interrogation", he finally
admitted that they have been seeing each other for 6 months. He said
he doesn't love her but just want to make her feel better. But she is
still totally in love with him. He said he would tell her the "truth"
and it's been a month now and nothing has been done. I dumped him 1
week ago but it seems that he still wants to ignore the problem, although
he still calls and says sorry.

Actually I'm very mad. She's older and not beautiful. Although she treats
him really good, like a son, I just don't see how they can have a good
future. I am sure that me and him is a better match. He's lied for so
many times and I know I can't be with him. Once a cheater, always a
cheater, right? But it is tough for me as this is my first love and
I miss him. Do you think they can really end their relationship forever?
If he does talk to her, should I give him one last chance?

Thank you Zita for reading my long letter.




Dear BB︰