I enjoy to read others' cases
and your responds.

I would like to seeking your advice for my current relationship. I met
my love whom eight years older than me on ICQ at the end of 1999. We
have made a promise to each others that

not to touch ICQ forever after
starting our relationship. We have been together for 14 months and living
together for one year. I do love him, but I couldn't forget his past
messy life. I knew that he tried his best to be a loyal and good guy
to me. Somehow, I noticed that he still keeping a lot of girls' contact
whom had sexual with him before. Furthermore, his ex-girlfriend keeps
on calling him, even 5 o'clock in the morning. Is this sound normal
to you? Or I took it too personal.

We are working hard on our relationship and decided to get marry the
end of year 2002. But I am still get jealous and short temper on his
ex-girls. We have been hanging out happily, beside his those ex-girls.
Is this a timing issue or am I taking him too personal? I sometime do
have the struggling to love him, due to his pass. How could you forgive
a person totally? Please advise.

Your time and consideration on this matter are much appreciated.

Best Regards,



Dear Rosy︰