Hello. How are you?

I'm a woman of 30 years old, not yet married. I have 2 boyfriends before,
first lover last for 9 years, the second last for only half year. Last
month, I accept a young boy who is just 18 years old to be my young
brother, who is my colleaque (colleague) and have leave our present
company already.

For the last day he left our company, we start our strange relationship.
At the beginning we can keep sister and brother relationship well. Time
after time, we found that our relationship is becoming more close, we
talked a lot including our secret, we care each other so much.

He is a shy guy but he told me everything about himself, even the secret
at the bottom of his heart. He told me he is a guy feeling cold at heart,
no feeling to love, to everything. He asked me whether it is normal
or not, and how to solve the problem of being a guy don't have happy
and sad feeling. The reason for chosing (choosing) me to solve his problem
is that he found me to be the right person. I always like laughing,
perform the real feeling and face to the others.

During this short period, I give him my sincere care, take care of his
illness, and talk with him for a long time everyday. I feel confusing
whether I want to let him feel warm or I love him? I try hard to keep
myself be a caring sister, because I'm 12 years older than him. The
feeling is both happy and painful. I told him my feeling and he told
me it's ok for regarding him as my boyfriend for up to 30%, keep the
remaining for being brother and sister. Haha……sounds funny, right?

One day something happened to change the relationship. I kissed him
in my dream and I told him this matter. He found it's interesting because
he never try fall in love and kissing before. He asked me to teach him
how to kiss. Do you think I can kiss my young brother and will this
change our relationship?

All my friend advise me to consider more before start this relationship.
Do you think we are silly to love each other? I can tell you I really
got the feeling of love, for one day I did not talked to him, I feel
down and upset. For the time he's not here for more than a week, the
time passed by so slow. Do you think this is love feeling, or……?

Please share with me for what you think? I want to have comment from
third party like you. Thanks so much.

Big Sister


Dear Big Sister,