Hi Zita,

There is a guy that I've known
him for only 3 months but I know that I like him so much. He is actually
a friend of my friend, and both of us get along with each other so easily.
Every time when we go out together for sure he will send me home even
I don't ask for it. But, I am afraid he just treats me liked brother
cos we always "fight" and "play" with each other.

Every times when I make fun on him and tell him that he never treats
me good, and he will reply me that he treats all the girls good except
me. But, we are really good friends. He is willing to share his love
story only with me (even though he has some old friends). However, because
of the request of his parents, he needs to go back to Australia for
good. I was very sad, and he knew that I wanted him to stay in HK very
much. He told me if I can know him earlier, maybe he won't go back to
Australia so fast. Before he left HK, I did make some handmade stuff
to him. And, I felt so sweet when he told me that he had all of my stuff
hanged on the wall in his room. I felt very unhappy now because he doesn't
know that I like him so much, and I always "pretend" to treat
him bad (verbally) when we are on the phone. I am afraid he will reject/escape
me when he finally realizes that I like him.

Is there any way that I can do in order to "test" if he likes
me? His birthday is coming soon, what kind of gift that I can give to
him as a way to express my feeling? Thanks for your reply.


Trouble Shooter


Dear Trouble Shooter︰