Hi! This is my first time writing
to you! I need some advise from you, hope you could help me!

My bf and I had been together for 9 months. We had 8 years of age difference.
He is working now, and I'm still a university student!

From the first day we started, we suffered from some king (kind) of
negative opinions from people surrounding us. But, to me, I think that's
okay between us. The first three months, he is a very very good guy
to me, he spends much time on me, and he would bring me home no matter
how late it is. He is a very throughful man to me!

However, as time gone by, he spends less and less time on me. Hw (He)
started to go out with friends rather than me. And he hate calling me!
(From the start till now) And there are too many dead air between us.
I'm a talkative and outgoing girl. His silence make me crazy. I tried
to scold him, do more for him, and find him… but the problem never solve.
I asked to give up a month ago, however, I can't help myself to call
him again when I'm lonely. This brings us back together again. Yet,
he just being the same as we started again. I dun know what to do upon

Sometimes, When I tried to tell him what I think. His words showed I'm
too naive and act like a child who asked for concerns. Is that my problem?
Am I too navie (naive)? Should I change myself?

Another problem worried me is the sexual relationship between us! We
start this relationship(sex) for about half a year. Every time, we would
have sex if the place is avaliable (available)! He's too demanding on
this. However, I'm the one who want. I want to have sex with him coz
I would feel his love deeply and only when we doing sex, I could feel
I owned all his time. Is it abnormal? And I'm hurt that I have to go
home by myself after sex! That's makes me think I'm cheap…

Could you give me some advise upon it? I'm trying to tidy up my mine
and prepare to leave!



Dear Rainbow︰