Still in love with my ex – 覆Kelason


Thanks for spending time in
reading my mail. I am 25 and my ex is 29. We started dating in Nov00
and finally got together in Jan01. At first he was deeply in love with
me and as time passed, I noticed he didn't love me as much as he did.
Then we finally broke up in Apr01 and of course I didn't want to. He
said he didn't have the "feeling".Ever since we broke up,
we still keep in contact and see each other around 2-3 times/week.

He acts strange, sometimes he didn't want to see me or even talk to
me on the phone. Yet other time he treats me like a girlfriend. If I
cry, he will wipe away my tears and sometimes he said he would like
to see me and will immediately come over to see me. I have done a lot
to save our relationship, I have cried many times, talked to him that
I still love him, I prepared dinner for him, and we had sex once recently.
Sometimes he's touched and sometimes he doesn't care.

He admitted that he still has a bit feeling for me, however I don't
know why we can get back together and start all over again. In mid July
I will be leaving HK for further study, by the time I made the decision,
he had asked me not to go. However, he doesn't want to spend time with
me these days. I want to spend more time with him before I go.

Zita, what should I do? Do you think we can get back together? I have
been dating with another guy recently. My ex knows about it and he said
he will wish me luck if I find a better boyfriend. But I still love
my ex.

Thanks & regards,



Dear Kelason︰