I've got a problem, hope you
can help me!

I developed a piece of relationship with my best male friend for several
months. He has a girlfriend but he always tells me that they are going
to break up and unwilling to show up with her. We meet and talk to each
other everyday. And we had sex relation recently. He still treats me

very good but doesn't mentioned
about our relation. I'd asked him, he just said sorry to me and hope
me treat him as my very best friend.

He told me I'd known he has a girl friend that he can't do anything
at all. In my opinion, I think he always escape from that girl means
he's doing something to break up with her. He always meets me means
he love to see me and love to stay with me. But after he told me what
he think, my heart is broken and I feel pain. How come he can had that
relation with me? I don't care if he played one night stand. But we
are friends, a pair of very good friends. So, why he prefer to scrisfied
(sacrificed) me? I don't talk to him or meet him now. Am I do it right?
Shold (Should) I give up this so-call "friend"? Whenever I
think of this, I can't stop crying. Zita, I really want you give me
some suggestions, thank you.



Dear Elva︰