How are you? I have a boyfriend
for a year and the moment that I accept him was not in deep consideration
just because the one I love states that he will not date within his
whole life, this hurts me so so much. What I think is that "if
I cannot stay with the one I love, it is indifferent to stay together
with any other one else."

Time passes and I go on quite well with my boyfriend, he treats me good
and makes me think that he is the one that I can trust. However, the
one I love contact me again and he may not know that I have a boyfriend
now. He remembers all the things that happened between us and even those
minor things. I am trapped in a dilema (dilemma) because starting from
the beginning, he is the one that I love most!

Should I just give up the current relationship and start/initiate a
new one? Or should I get away from these 2? Thanks you very much!

Yours sincerely,