Hi, I'm a big fan of you and
this is the first time I write to you. Hope you'll share my worries!

Well, I met my current boyfriend when I was studying in the USA. He
is a Japanese but we get along with each other very well. After graduation,
he went back to Japan and I also back in here but we're still keeping
in touch every day (by phone/ net-meeting, thanks for the high technology).
Now that we have seperater (separate) for near one year and planning
for our future. The problem is Money!

In short, I am now having good salary and stable job that it's quite
lucky actually compared with other friends. He also having a job but
as he said the salary is just enough to cover his daily expense in Japan.
He is now asking me to go the Japan in a few years time until he got
more money, but I don't wanna wait as there will be so many things to
happen if we seperate (separate) too long…so I'm thinking to save some
money and then going to Japan in 2 years time. Not to marry him but
to study or find a job there...Do you think I should go or I should
wait until he said he's ready...(may be 10 years).



Dear Cecilia︰