I broke up with my boyfriend
3 months ago. We didn't break up peacefully. He hurt me so much &
I was very angry and depressed. Now my feeling towards him is still
a mixture of hate & love. I have to agree that I still can't let

the time when we broke up, I have just changed a new job. I can barely
managed to copy with the new environment & get my job done. In fact,
during the day I could behave as if nothing had happened. But during
the night, I was depressed & felt like hell. From that time on,
I began to isolate myself from others (except my co-workers). I even
didn't contact my best friends until one month later to tell them. I
tried to avoid my family members because I couldn't tell them my pain
& couldn't pretend nothing has ever happened.

Now I still keep my social life to minimal & can't have a good relationship
with my family members. I just don't feel like seeing them. I live alone.
During the weekends, I stay home all day, isolating myself from the
outside world & find myself have no purpose & meaning staying
alive. I have 2 close friends & before we will share almost everything.
After I broke up with my boyfriend, I've told my best friends everything
& they have tried their best to comfort me. Still, I didn't feel
like seeing them very often.

I know I have a problem
with my interpersonal relationship & social life. Am I having some
kind of psychological problem? Should I consult the doctor to ease my
pain? Will my situation last long? Please help!



Dear Betty︰