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I choose to split up with my
ex boyfriend before meeting the guy who was introduced by my net friend
2 years ago. I love that guy a lot and thought that he was the type
I dreamed of. He came to HK just for fun and to visit his aunt this
year. Besides, he also decided to implicate his feeling toward me before
he went back to US. This was actually the second times we met each other.
Under my expectation, we became lover and I stayed at his aunt's house
for a month cos we treasure those limited time to stay together.

Now we are apart for 4 months already and will probably not meet again
until next year as he will station (stay) in Japan after graduation.
I never complain or show my disappointing but frankly I feel so lonely
facing stress from my parents, ex boyfriend and my friends. He never
promise me anything, we rarely talk online, emails or talk on the phone.
I was afraid I will bother his study. However, I am really worry about
our far distance relationship under this situation.

On the other hands, my ex boyfriend treated me as his wife already (we've
been together for 4 years) and always mention about marriage. He is
a family person and love kids very much. I still think that I am too
young to get marry and have kid so this became one of the factors why
I left him and chose to go with that American Chinese. My ex bf became
very depress and didn't know how to spend his spare time without me
around. I feel so bad and guilty of myself. Feel like destroying a person
completely. I was hurt too seeing him changed a lot and I got nothing
to do for him. I know he really love me so much and he can take care
me in the rest of my life. My parents like him too and think that he
is a good guy. That's why until this moment, my heart still struggling.

Maybe I am a lucky girl who
got many good guys around. Feeling too lonely, I am with my school classmate.
Actually we made a deal about when to quit in case I find that I love
that American Chinse (Chinese) more beside him.

Zita, am I a bad girl? I want
to ask for your suggestoin (suggestion) of my love life. Should I wait
for that American Chinese or back to my ex boyfriend? Would you mind
to give me some comments.

Thanks and regards,



Dear Pakning︰






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