Dear Zita,

Thanks for spending time to read my email. I
read many articles from you, but I still have some question that I couldn't

My boyfriend and I be together during 5 months.
He's 23 Japanese guy and I am 18. We broke up half months ago. The reason
is he said he loves me less than before. And I felt that too as he didn't
really care about me so good as before and he didn't spend as much time
as in the beginning. After we broke up a few days, he told me he still
loves me,

but less. Also, we still
have sexual relationship. I don't know if he just wants sex only or
not as he never visit me after we broke up. But, when I visit him, he
has sex with me. I don't know if I should stop to having sex with him
as I felt I am like a toy for him. I am sure I don't need him, I like
to stay with him very very much. I asked him if we could be together
again or not. He said if we stay together agian, he'll treat me like
symthonly. For instance, he will go out with me just becoz (because)
I want to go out with him.

Zita, could u tell me how can
I make him love me again? (he said I wanted him too much). Do u think
he doesn't love me now even if he said he loves me still but

If we get back together, how
can I keep the relationship with him since he said he wanted to treat
me like his sister, but he kissed and had sex with me?

Thank you very much!

Regina Chan

Dear Regina Chan︰