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Hi, I've been reading your articles
for many weeks, and I've noticed that it's very useful. Therefore, it
encouraged me to write to you. I've been going out with my boyfriend
for almost 2 years time. And over the two years we've argued a lot,
but we never leave our arguement (argument) overnight. We always get
better really fast. The problem is that he had a 5 years relationship
with his ex-gf, which is the biggest problem for me. Although I know
that he loves me so much now, but I just can't get over it. When we
first went out, he mentioned about his ex's b-day and talked about her
a lot, but now he won't talk at all, because he knows that I don't like

I'm afraid that he still loves her, and I'm just a replacment (replacement).
But every time I get upset because of that, he would get real mad, because
he said I don't trust him.

I'm just afraid that this will never end. What should I do? Should I
trust him? And how would I know that he only has me in his heart? Thanks
you for your time.



Dear Apple︰





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