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Hi Zita,

Hope you can help. I'm 24 and my boyfriend is 30. He is the kind of family man and hopes to find a wife at this moment, not just girlfriend. We've been together for only some months though we knew each other for a year. We've shared good and romantic times in these months. He treats me very well and I also love him very much. He asked me if I

have ever considered to marry him. I know he wants to marry a right person this time but here are some problems:

1. He scare I will leave him some times later as I have much higher education than him. He can't afford such time and being hurt. And he is poor.

2. I can't promise him I will marry him or being with him forever as no one will know what will happen in the future.

3. He once broke up with me two weeks ago because he thought "prefer short pain more than long pain". But in fact, we love each other, I cried so seriously and we are together again now.

Zita, I know he has not enough trust on me. But what can I do? I have shown my love to him so clearly. He is just afraid this and afraid that.…..I'm also still young and don't want to regret after marrying him. Please advise, thanks!


Dear wan:






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