Hi Zita︰

My first and only boy friend
broke up with me about 4 yrs ago. I was with him for 7 yrs. Because
our families hated each other, we ended up developed an underground
affair for all those yrs. Moreover, I didn't want people to know about
us. So I kept my social circle very small and never shared any of my
relationship problem with my family or friends. Of course, our relationship
didn't work out. I was shocked and out of my mind when he ended the
relationship without giving me a reason. I tried to kill myself in front
of him. He snapped me. Then I still couldn't give up my right of knowing
the reason. So I went to see him after 3 mths and asked for reunion.
Then things got out of control. He got mad and pushed me very hard.
Then every time I stood up and wanted to talk to him, he pushed me away
harder until I couldn't stand up again. He then left me and ran away.
I ended up having bruises all over my body! I went to see doctor and
counselor. They both suggested me to report it to the Police. However,
I didn't as he never behaved violence before we broke up. In fact, I
blamed myself giving him this chance because of I couldn't let go. One
of my friend went to see him and asked him to apologize to me. He rejected
as he said he didn't want to talk to me. Then my friend asked him to
e-mail me. He did but in the e-mail, he also mentioned that my other
friend "bombed" his e-mail account.

Since this event happened, I had a lot of nightmare. So I decided I
should stand up for myself again. Three weeks later, I saw him hand
in hand shopping with some other girl. Knowing this happened quit a
long time ago. I have never had any contact with him. I noticed my behavior
has changed in the following ways:-

1. I
sometimes still have dreams (good and bad) about him, and I will think
of (missing) him. Does it mean that I still love him?

2. I'm
very afraid of running into him. Is this normal? How could I over come
this fear?

3. I'll
lie to every one that I never had a boy friend (I usually don't lie).
In fact, I won't let one more person to know about my ex had maltreated
me before. Is it right for me to lie?

4. Will
this event affecting me to love someone else? I'm still alone since
that happen! I'm very worry that I'll never find someone to replace

I can never openly talked about this with anyone. Thank you very much
for reading my long and boring story.

I look
forward to hear from you.

puzzled she

Dear puzzled she︰

1. 你未必仍然愛他,只是你放不低他。

2. 很多人也害怕碰上傷害過自己的舊情人,你只是其中一員,不用太擔心。

3. 我也不是一名對感情太坦白的人。而我知道,一般男人也愛對發生過的愛情守口如瓶。你有權選擇向人傾訴又或是守一個秘密。只要你舒服,就萬事皆可以。

4. 如果你夾硬逼自己留在不快樂的回憶之中,你就當然會不快樂下去。事在人為,快樂,是一種你伸手去尋找才會出現的東西。你想不想要男朋友,決定權當然就在你手上。