I'm totally lost now! I met
my ex-bf in my current workplace 6 months ago. We started off as very
close friends and I knew that he has an 8 years gf (girlfriend) studying
in Canada who will be back pretty soon. He told me that he's not going
along well with her and they have been arguing over almost everything
since 2 years ago.

About 3 months ago, we became lovers. He told me that he would make
up his mind when his gf returns from Canada. We tried to break up once
but failed as he wanted me back. Our friends are all aware of our situation
and have been putting a lot of pressure on him to make a choice. A month
ago, he told me that he'd rather be alone and that perhaps this is not
the right time to him to have any gf. By the way, I'm 7 years older
than him, which is one of the factors affecting our relationship. He's
worried that I may want to get marry very soon while he's not prepared
to do so. However, he told me that he would still want to stay close
to me and take care of me.

Not long ago, his gf came to know about our relationship and sent me
very impolite emails, scolding me for taking away her bf. I was very
depressed. She even forwarded an email, which should be between the
two of them, to me, the contents of which were to the effect that I
was only needed to resolve physical needs and that I'm an old woman
to him. She played tricks on those emails giving him an impression that
I have sent her some very intimate messages between us intentionally.
He said he doesn't trust anyone now.

What shall I do, Zita? I really
don't want to lose him……I still love him very much!

Best regards,

Pig Pig


Dear Pig Pig︰