Dear Zita,

I've been with my bf (boyfriend) for almost 2
years. Few months ago, my period came late for almost a week. And I
told my bf that I was really worry and anxious of pregnancy. (My parents
won't accept this and I would be in big trouble if I were pregnant before
I get married). After that conversation with my bf, he found the info
of abortion for me. Well, I shared it with my friends about this matter,
and they all said that he's an irresponsible person, and told me that
if a man loves a

woman, he would marry
that woman instead of ask her to abort the child. To me, what I think
is our situation is not available to have a baby at this moment.

1. We haven't get married yet.

2. Both of us are putting effort on our own career, especially him.
3. Financially and spiritually, we cannot afford to have a baby, both
of us don't want to sacrifice our time on the baby.

However, I get confused with
one thing. In the past (beginning of this relationship), when I asked
if I were pregnant what he would do, he would say, "then we get
marry". And now, his mind changed.

After my period came, I asked
him why he got the abortion info for me. He said "because you said
don't want to have baby." Well, honestly, I felt upset about this
answer. What is that imply? At some moments, I think that he doesn't
love me as much as in the past, but he explained that it's simply because
we've moved to another stage, which is more stable, and there's not
only "love and passsion (passion)" in the life, but many other
things to face and work together. I really don't know if he's telling
the truth or not. Would you mind to give me some advices? Thanks a lot.

Longing for your reply!