Dear Zita,

I found that u (you) give gd (good) advise on
love affairs fm (from) and also your bk (book). It will be great
if you can advise me on my problem.

I went out with my bf (boyfriend) for 4 yrs already
and he just went to work in Singapore. Before he left,
we have been
living together for 5 months.
I found that we had a gd (good) time

and I started to think about marriage. In fact, he told me he never
wanted to get marry about 2 yrs earlier as we were having lots of fights
and endless arguments. I was still with him at that time cos (because)
I was so afraid to be alone. Then time went pass so quickly, now we
have been together for 4 yrs. We discussed the location to have our
wedding after he be back 6 months later. He bought me a PC on my birthday
cos (because) I don't have one and I need it for my job. Also, a web
cam for me so that we can talk online.

About 2 wks ago, I was arguing
with him on the phone, complaining he did not do enough to keep our
relationship, i.e. email, icq daily. He told me he lied to me he will
marry me later. In fact, he never thought he will cos (because) he think
our relationship is not gd enongh (good enough). My heart was broken.
I cried and cried. It seems my dream is not going to be true.

He still calls me twice a wk
and we talk for 30 mins each time. I was so alone on my own and don't
know where to start with cos (because) I was too in him before. I lost
all my friends cos (because) I put too much attention on him for these

I want to tell me how important
he is to me, but I dunno if this is a gd (good) idea. I've told him
I would give him 1 more yr, but he did not answer me.

Zita, what should I do. What
is he thinking? Shall I wait for him? I feel so painful cos (because)
I want to email him and talk to him daily, but he told me his job is
very demanding and he did not have time to do that. I was so disappointed
cos (because) he told me he will email me daily before he left to work
there. Pls (Please) help.

Many thanks,