Hello Zita:

I am 26 years old and have been dating with my boyfriend (27 years old) for 2 years. We always (only body touching and oral sex) have such kind of actions at his home but we do not really sex in the body. However, I always question myself if he was more serious and loved his ex-girlfriend (his first love) more as he had real sex with her once but not do that to me now. (I don't mean I want that much but just curious to know why). I asked him once before why he had real sex with his ex-girlfriend but not do that to me, he explained that he didn't want that happened again and he said he adores me and does not want that yet before marriage and afraid of pregnancy.

At that time, I question myself again why he had sex with his ex-girlfriend or he will not give his to others that easily again unless the one he really loves like his ex-girlfriend before. I am also thinking we got so many chances of making love actually however we do not do so. Can you tell me why he is like this? Thank you.


Dear Sisley︰