Dear Zita,

I met a guy for 2 months and as we both have
feelings towards each other, we were together after 2 months.

I found he's very happy and couldn't wait to
introduce me to all of his good friends. I was very happy, too. No later
than 5 days we had been together, he kissed
me, hugged me

and touched me (my breast,
but I rejected). He asked me to have oral sex with him! I rejected at
first but after he persuaded for a few times, I accepted and that was
the first time I had done that kind of thing.

As I need to go to work, we
can see each other only once a week on weekends. He usually asks me
to go to his home as he said he's tired of going outside shopping, etc.
You know, when a man and a woman stay together in a house, what will
happen easily? We have been bf (boyfriend) and gf (girlfriend) relationship
for nearly 1 month. And every time when I went to his home, he would
ask me for sex. Since I have set up a bottom line for myself keeping
the virginity, I won't make love with him at last.

I have several questions. Do
you think he loves me out of sex? I have told him that I have my bottom
line, however, he always asserted that premarital sex is a part of love
and he would make love with the one he really loves. So, he challenged
my bottom line.

As we only see each other once
a week, we usually talk over phone. Sometimes, we talk more than 4 hours,
but we usually have nothing to talk on phone (have dead air usually).
He phones me, just to report to me.

Of couse (course), I love him,
so I did what he told me to. Do you think I should break up with him?

Sorry for making this email
long and boring.

I look forward to your advice.

Best Regards,