Dear Zita,

Hi. I knew a "cyberfriend" and had
a dinner a month later. He is a lawyer. During our dinner, I found that
he is afraid to keep eye-contact with me, returned many call to his
clients. He mentioned the ridiculous of the lawyer dramma (drama) in
TVB that every lawyers were charming, not busy, eating and drinking.
He kept silent of the topics which he was not

familiar or interested
during our conversation. Therefore, I changed the topics frequently
in order to prevent a dead air. And, my commonsense told me that he
had not many experiences with girls because he didn't tell me what he
ordered until dishes on the table. He didn't tell if it was a time to
leave and asked the waiter to check bill. Come on! I still had my lemon
tea hasn't finished yet.

Fortunately I'm a talkative
person and found that our gathering was smooth. Before we left, he suggested
to have another meal but without schedule the date. Then he backed to
office and would not get me home. After that, I received his call twice,
so sweet even our calls lasted for twenty seconds only.

The turning point was my business
trip, I needed to stay in shanghai for two weeks. We still sent the
mail to each other. While I returned HK, I tried to call him but he
didn't reply immediately. He returned a call at the next morning. I
intended to complain. He didn't called me again.

Now we are still keeping a mail,
may be once a week. What can I do? Does he ready? From the mail, he
mentioned he is lazy, moody and difficult to find a compansionship (companionship),
nearly to give up. Is it true?

Further information about
my story as below:-

He is 35 years old and
I'm 29. Is he hurry to find a girlfriend or not? I have no time. I really
want to know his thinking. Do you think it is time to push him hard?
After this dinner, we had lunch last week. If I'm not suited him, why
does he come to have meal again with me. However, I was not talkative
at that time because of my moody. He come to create the topics by his

Waiting for your reply.