Hi Zita︰

I've been dating with my boyfriend for one and a half year. Throughout these days, we've experienced some ups and downs. We are used to seeing each other almost everyday, even if we're in the days of downs. Even though we are just available for two hours at night, we would definitely meet. Thus, we are staying together as long as we are free! This situation seems good coz (cause) we devote all of our spare time to each other, yet on the other hand, regular and frequent meeting between he and I would cause dullness and lack of refreshment! Although I don't sense the existence of this problem for the time being, I realize the risk of having this dilemma in the near future!

I just wanna ask, does always meeting equal to the evolution of this problem? If it really does, then what should I do to prevent? Coz (cause) I'm sure that if I tell him not to see each other so frequently, he'll definitely suspect me instead of knowing that I'm doing so for our sake!



Dear GelGel︰