I have
sent an email to you before, which was about my boyfriend taking photo
stickers with a girl in a close manner.

Later someone told me my boyfriend once was thinking
which one to choose between me and the girl in the sticker. I asked
my boyfriend

whether this was the case,
he admitted that he likes the girl a little bit, but finally he didn't
choose her. He claimed it was because he loved me so much.

You know, I was really sad about
that. I was hurt because he once liked another girl (jealousy?). I was
hurt because he told lies (he said he had nothing with the girl when
I found their photo-stickers and he said he didn't like the girl at
the very beginning, even he claimed he didn't want to upset me so he
lies.) I was very inscured (insecure) because I am not sure whether
he will lie to me again and if there will be another girl in the future.

I told him, I had never been
so serious considering about ending our relationship and he was becoming
unreliable. He looked so scared at the moment. Later, he said he would
never give me up and promised no such case would happen again. He now
treats me so good.

I feel better as he said he
would not let me go, but it becomes very uncomfortable whenever I think
of the incident. It takes place as a sharp needle in my heart. I don't









- 覆Tracy