A love problem
has been bothering me for 2 months. Back at the first day of my university
life, I saw a guy in my class that was very outstanding. Let's called
him Ray. He talked very loud and caught a lot of attention. At the beginning,
I sort of pay attention to him just because he liked to do something
that attracted

people attention. In fact, I thought
he was rude and aggroant (ignorant). Maybe I was sensitive, but for
some reasons he kept looking at me during classes (actually, I wasn't
sure, he liked to look around the lecture room).

We didn't talk to each other
even though we had all classes together except Economics. Nothing's
going on between us. The current semester begins in January and I realized
we do not have any classes together. As a matter of fact, he is the
columnist for our bi-weekly faculty newspaper, so I read his articles
regularly. In his articles, he talked about how he was from a all-guys
school, so he feels a wall exists between girls and himself.

Because some of his articles
are interesting, I asked my freind (friend) to read it a couple of times.
One day my friend said I like Ray, and I denied because I didn't like
it, I just pay attention to him.

However, later on, I found out I missed him since we aren't in the same
class anymore! Even myself, I was so shocked that I fall in love with
him (he is not quite good looking, but I do not judge people base on
their looks, I think intelligence is more important).
After a couple of weeks, I admitted to my friends (friends) that I like
him. In order to see him, I even go to his classes--just to see him.
But the same is, I think he is too shy, I don't know if he likes me
or not. Sometimes I think he feels uncomfortable when I am around. Sometimes
he talks very loud, yet when I enter the room, he lower his voice. I
really don't konw (know) if I am being too sensitive or what? Maybe
I am just thinking too much? I am so scare to confront him, so I don't
think it's a good idea for me to start a conversation with him.

I have given a lot of clues to him such as going to his classes and
to the places where we can see each other! I think that's all I can
do. I hope I have given you an idea of the situation I am facing right
now! Please give me some advices and thanks for taking time to read
this long message!


Dear KY︰