I have to choose between going on my studies in the US and going back
to Hong Kong and stay with my boyfriend. But I still have no idea. I
want both. Would you like to give me some advice?

I started
going out with my boyfriend in June 1999. We have been getting

very well. However, I've already told my parents that I decided to come
here for college. I want to stay but I had no guts to talk to my parents
about it. So, finally I left my boyfriend and came here in August 2000.
We are trying to keep this long distance relationship. We chat on phone
very often. But still, it is really hard time for both of us. I went
back to Hong Kong during Christmas and left again at the end of January
this year. At at (that) time, I guess I should make a decision, college
or boyfriend? It is because I do not believe in long distance relationship.

I love
my boyfriend a lot. And I know he loves me even more. He is a kind of
popular guy, there were girls who asked him out. We had a really great
time together. I've thought about quit going to college and go back
to Hong Kong for him. But again, I have no guts to tell my parents.
On another hand, I care a lot about my education. I want to graudate
(graduate) from college, for my future. I definitely do not want to
be a Form 5 graduate.

I cannot have both. I have to make up the decision by May? I guess I
am not mature enough to handle it, would you please help me to figure
it out?