Dear Zita︰

I know a guy for 8 years and we on and off seeing
each other, the pattern was usually I called him and then he asks me
out immediately, he seldom calls me. Even sometimes when I called him,
he always seriously told me that he missed me and want to see me. However,
since his character made me feels insecure

for me, so I always told
myself that he was joking by saying that. But after all these years,
I feel that we always have good times when we were together, and start
to like him.

Well, when we came out last
month, he still shown his interest, but I again ignored him and still
think that he was just joking. But after that this time, I start to
think that may be he is serious to me since he say that for so many
times already, so I called him and told him that I want to see him because
I miss him. But when I called him that time, he was busy and cannot
talk long with me, and said he will call me back.

I want to ask that whether he
will call me or not? Will he think that I am not serious this time,
cause I always ignored him even though this time I told him that I miss
him? Does he scared to call me, cause he does not know what to talk

Could you solve my problems?
Thank you!