Dear Zita,

I am in love with a boy for nearly 7 months. We are just friends. Every day he calls me after his work and sometimes we will hang out together. I know most of his friends well. However, it seems that he thinks I am too young for him. I don't think we have GENERATION GAP (he admits so) but we do have "AGE GAP"

as he exmpasizes (emphasis) that he is older than me for 5 years! Am I really too young for him that's why he doesn't want me to be his GF (girlfriend) ?

One day, he told me that he is not in love with anyone now and he told me everything about his ex-girlfriend. I know GIRLS are usually too sensitive and always thinks that boys must have some intensions of doing certain things for the girl. In fact, the boy treats her as a good friend.

Am I right that boys can't wait to woo a girl if they are in love with her? I always told myself he is not interested in me as he never says any "sweet" words to me. Somehow, I would have fantasy as he really treats me as if I were his girlfriend. How to know what's in his mind? How can I know if he really likes me or loves me? He always blames me for not calling him but I don't find it necessary to do so. I don't understand why he treats me not as good as he used to be in front of his friends! Why is that the case?

Moreover, can u give me some ideas about our relationship and these questions reallly (really) make me puzzled. THANK YOU



Dear i-Bo