Dear Zita,

I met a gentleman in a formal party in Aug last year. He then approached me with daily calls and dates without saying he loved me. Sometimes I called him to show my acceptance of him. However after about 1 1/2 months, he seldomly (seldom) called me even he had once dated me for a

romantic-liked dinner, and he'd called me at 00:00 mid-night on 1 Jan 01 for a happy new year, but no any other call afterwards.

During Jan, I tried calling him daily for two weeks and dated him to see movie. He said he was happy to see movie with me. I thought I got a hope, but still no call. Recently as his birthday is coming, I dated him for a dinner days before his birthday for a pre-celebration. But he suddenly couldn't come as he was busy (It's real, I believe.)…...but after that, still no call.

I think he should give me a call anyway. Why could he be so? Does he already get a gf (girlfriend), or even had one in the early October? Does he just happy to have one more 'fan' like me? Or does he want to test me anything? Does he love me?


Dear Kireine︰