Dear Zita,

I really need your help. I have a relationship with a man for 2 years. We are fine until something go wrong after the first year. We both love each other very much. Once his job now is very demanding (time), for example: working hours, 1 pm to 11 pm on Mon to Sat. And he will not change the job for the certain period.

Therefore, I only could see him once a week and we have argue more frequently. The situation is that he leave me (pass) right the way on the street while we have argument. No matter how serious of the argument, big or small, he goes straight the way without any notice. Sometimes, I do believe that this situation could be happened on "girl leaves boy", but never happen on me.

I do very confuse of what he do so. He is so mean that I sometimes cannot afford of his "big man temper" (I wish you understand the meaning). However, I forgive him for more than one time.

So, do you think this kind of relationship work? There is a little chance for him to change cus (because) he always says he needs a 'cooling-down' period and that's way he goes away. Honestly, I try to open my heart to some other guys but seems that he is the most perfect for me WHEN WE HAVE NO ARGUE.

Please reply and feel free to wirte (write) Chinese or English. Many thanks.

Best regards,


Dear Liz︰