Dear Zita,

I met a guy who I was attracted to. I went out with him for movie, dinner and drinks two times. Then he left for his holiday for 3 weeks during Christmas break. He called me once and left me a message when he's away.

During his absence, someone told me that actually he already had a girlfriend and would propose marriage after his holidays. I was upset but was not sure if it's true.

When he came back, he called me again on a Tuesday (he's back on the previous Saturday), saying that he missed me but he wouldn't have time to meet me until the week after. I called him on Friday the same week and we arranged to go out for dinner on that day. After dinner, we went for a walk and then we're sitting in a park, talking. Then we're
sitting closer and closer and then we started kissing. We went home around 2am. When he left me, he said he would talk to me later.

I was waiting for his call on Saturday. He didn't called but I did when I was waiting for my friends for dinner. I asked him if he had time for a coffee later. He said he'd been working the whole day at home (because he just moved to a new place) and was tired and that perhaps he could call me back later.

I am just wondering what this is…...



Dear Ce︰