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Dear Zita:

I'm 18 years old and currently dating my third boyfriend. In fact, I've loved him for five years already but started the relationship with him six months ago.

I never had sexual relationships with my ex-boyfriends, but I have started

to have sex with my current boyfriend, two months after we've started the relationship. I clearly know what I'm doing, and I understand the importance of virginity to girls. I'm willing to have sex for the first time with him because I'm so in love with him. However, my close friends and family are very traditional, and they all told me that they cannot accept premarital sex. Their ways of thinking has increased the sense of guilt in me. I enjoy having sex with him, because I know that it is a way of expressing love, but at the same time, people around me convince me that I'm doing something wrong. (I did not let anyone about our sexual relationship) What's your opinion on this?

Thanks a lot!


Dear Winki︰





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