Net Love – 覆Tristine

Hi Zita,

I know a boy in a internet game. And one day he told me that he want to be close (get closer) to me as much as he can. So we decided to begin this relationship. Although both of us don't have enough confidence. We decided that we may meet each other in 2 years, if at that time, I still like him,

then he will ask me be his gf (girlfriend). And we said, don't promise each other anything. Because I study in Europe alone, and he study in USA now. We all think time may change everything.

But he always forget that he said he would phone me. Although I know he is busy, final exams are coming.But I can't understand, if you like someone, you will concern of her for sure, if concern her, how can you forget what you said? Friends told me that boys always forget those small case, but I can't understand it. I take what I said very seriously.

And yestoday (yesterday), I suddenly feel very lonely and upset. So I phoned him, told him what I felt, hope can talk with him for a while. He was translating something for some very common friends of him. But he refused talking with me, just said he would phone me this weekend. I am confused. I don't know if he really likes me. Whether what he said at beginning is just a passion?

Grateful if you can analyze my situation.

Thank you so much!

All the best


Dear Tristine︰