Hi, i read ur article through SHE.COM from time to time, it's really good !!!!!
Btw, i'd like to ask u a few questions.

First of all, i am in love with a boy, but i am not sure whether he likes me or not !! he is 20 and i am 16.

He calls me everyday after his work.we don't have much to talk on phone , he just told me what he had

done that day ..sth like that ~ but i think he called
me just becoz he wants somebody to accompany him on his way home . (He calls me when he is on his way
home) we hung off when he reaches home !

When we go out, seems that i am going out with a (same sex friend) we will play in the street sometimes even fight with each other !Sounds funny though.

In front of me, he tried to avoid talking about abt his EX-GIRLFRIEND ~ but i am really curious to know more abt her..whenever i share my feeling towards my EX-boyfriend, he will said i am IMMATURE ...and not able to tackle such problems. This made me make up my mind not to tell him my stuffs anymore ~

how can i know whether he likes(loves) me or not ?