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Please comment on the following scenario:

The (same) guy and girl had a wonderful time together. Then the girl did not hear from the guy. One week after they met, the girl would want to find out how the guy is doing, so she messaged him through the mobile

phone but received no rely (or being
hung up by the guy in 30 seconds if the girl phoned the guy). The girl would give up hope on him, thinking that he was not interested in her anyway. But when the girl nearly and fully gave up on the guy, she would receive a call on the guy: a 30 second call to ask her out, and the information would barely include the time and venue for meeting each other during the call.

Well, I am this girl, a 20 years old uni (university) student, and the guy is 21 years old uni (university) student; both of us have never entered into previous relationships. When we meet again, we would again have a wonderful time. This guy actually talks a lot more in person (although he hates talking on the phone or dial the buttoms on the phone): he asks me a lot of questions, and is concerned with my thoughts and my day-to-day life, and shows that he cares about me (in words and in action). Over time, I find out that he cares about me more and more; and we have more and more body contacts (he would put his shoulder around my shoulder and waist; the number and length of body contacts increased over time). We also talk more and more in person over time. But I hate being left off after we meet - he would disappear again for a BIG while and goes back to his 'little hole', until he wants to see me again. This cycle has lasted for one year now.

Grateful if you can analyse my situation. I value every piece of your comment a lot.

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對他來說,約女孩子去街是一項活動,因為他想此活動開心,他會在出街的數小時內表現非常enjoy,quality time嘛!