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Dear Zita,

This is my very first time to send an email to someone to ask about my love life. My name is Alice, age of 25. I am in a big trouble now. I supposed to have a BF (boyfriend) going out almost for a year. But we started to have a lot of arguments during the summer.Almost saying broke up,

his reason is, we are nack (lack) of communication. Then in Aug., I finally came out to meet a guy who knows throught (through) ICQ. What a funny thing is, he is my primary same class classmate's big brother. We knew each other 2 years ago while he was in Canada and I was in America. The second time we met, we already fell in love and we started to go out. That guy is really strange, he doesn't like to see me often and like to be alone all the time. He doesn't like to talk on phone each night. When he felt ok, he will call you, if not. Just say hi and bye through ICQ. But I know he cares about me much.

Zita, I am so confused of my old one. He loves me very much, but he is so jealous of me talking with other guys and not talking to him while we are going out with a group of people. Also, when he knew that I went out with another guy, he always checks on me, I
don't like that. He is so "Small Air" (小器). On the other hand, I am so happy to go out with my schoolmate's brother since we are sharing a lot of commend (common) habbits (habits), going out with him feeling safe and comfortable. But, I am not sure if we will have future, since I am afraid he just plays me, do you know how I can test on him which he does love me. On the other, should I tell my BF that we don't have future if we keep arguing like that?

Sorry, this email is kind of long.





我看見兩件事:一. 你愛上了ICQ的男孩;二. 你已不愛你的男友。




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