hi Zita,

Nice to talk to u. I just feel something special between my boss and me. (FYI, my boss is around 17 years older than me and still single.)

Actually, I've been shifted to this dept. for just a month. And, all colleagues around me told me that my boss treats me exceptionally good and kind. U know, he's so straight to others. Here is some examples and can u tell from it whether he likes me or not?? (wanna to hear opinion from the third body. thanks!)

1. everytime when he's gone for business trip, he buys me some souvenir. and he usually phone me (IDD) everyday for some tiny little things. Or, just chat with me for a short while.

2. he cares about my feelings and don't let others putting too much work on me.

3. he attached our photo on the board besides him.

4. he drives me home after overtime work and allows me to claim for taxi fare while other colleagues cannot.

5. he replys my post-it message to him. e.g. I wrote "Pls check and sign. Thanks!" He replied " Thanks XX (my name) "

Pls help to analyse the case. thanks again in advance!!