Your mom must have told you not to pick your nose in public, and your superego knows well your nose-picking image will be indelibly etched in your loved ones’ mind forever, if you are caught by them. Some people just can’t help themselves though. Honestly I have seen many male passengers “blatantly” pick their noses. Believe me. We see you. Even if you only pick it for one second, flick your bogey off your fingers and let the bullet fly, we see you clearly. Don’t you even try to smear it on your seat, blanket or the small wet towel that I’m going to collect, by hand!

It certainly defies Hong Kongers’ “common sense” to brush our teeth without water. Not until I had seen so many Japanese passengers brush their teeth in their seats, without even a glass of water, did I start to wonder if toothpaste made in Japan was edible. It turned out some of my Hong Kong colleagues had seen this before! I still haven’t found out the truth. But I promise you next time a passenger brushes his teeth in his seat, I will force his mouth open to check whether he’s really gulped everything down and report to you immediately!