傻的嗎?令她失神的竟然不是本少的俊臉!我簡直想帶著我流著鮮血的自尊心,打開機倉門一躍而下!連what would you like to drink也不會的鬼妹,還是鬼妹嗎?






What Would You Like To Drink?

The light from the morning sun landed gently on the exquisite face of a Western chick. I stopped the meal cart in front of her and I saw the rare kind of green eyes that captured a man’s soul. I almost started writing her a poem before realising my senior in the opposite aisle was staring at me staring at her. I then quickly presented her the meal choices in English.

She scrunched her pretty face looking at me right in the eyes, contemplating how to respond. I supposed she had every right to be shy before a hot flight attendant.「すみませんが、英語が分からないんです。」(I’m sorry I don’t understand English), she said after a three-minute-and-twenty-six-second silence. Seriously? It hurt me knowing my face didn’t impress her. Hubris. The tragic fall, sort of. But why on earth do you need a Western face when you don’t even understand “what would you like to drink?” in English?

Stupid girl. I nearly gave a contemptuous snort. Reflectively I pressed my “fake service smile” button on my waistcoat and switched to Japanese. Pleased. She thanked me (of course) and I continued my service.

I have seen many Western male passengers speaking perfect Japanese with their Japanese wives. Their children – the “made-in-Japan gweilos”, like the female passenger mentioned above, never need to speak a word in English. The Japs have taught me a good lesson: why bother thinking about Globalism while the rest of the world is trying so hard to fit into your way? “For sure you speak Japanese in a Japanese company,” everyone around me says so as if it was really the case. Interestingly, we Hongkongers never seem to ask ourselves why our foreign colleagues or neighbours do not speak Cantonese with us.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We are about to arrive in a so-called international city named Hong Kong, where you will encounter self-conscious locals speaking different pretentious or broken languages. But I hope at the end of your journey, you will grow to like them a bit more, and appreciate their willingness to communicate with you. Thank you.